Tattoo Removal

The laser room is up and open for business!!
Our Tattoo Laser Removal treatment is a very effective way of removing or reducing a tattoo for a less compromised cover up.

Tattoo Removal Wirral

Our Q-switched Nd:YAG laser uses pulses of light at two wavelengths, depending on the colour being treated. We obviously know that many of you love tattoos but maybe your tastes have changed over the years, or perhaps you made a regrettable choice of placement or were unlucky enough to have been the victim of a poor quality tattooist.

There are many reasons for considering removal or reduction and we will try our best to help. Consultations are free; we can discuss complete removal or lightening of a tattoo for a less compromised coverup. Please come in and speak to us if you think you may be interested in this, you’d be surprised what can be achieved with just a few short sessions.

Pop in or contact us to book a FREE consultation.

Our Tattoo laser removal treatment is available for over 18s only, and we will not be offering any other type of laser treatment.